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Viral video of a swimming pool in the middle of a road in Harare CBD

Viral video of a swimming pool in the middle of a road in Harare CBD. The situation in our country is getting worse and worse every day. The road network in our country has been exposed by these flash floods that have been rocking our nation this whole past week.

Our roads need a serious revaluation as they are not safe anymore, no wonder why we experience so much road accidents. Especially in the festive season as my will be on the road to try and unite with their families. The rains have exposed how bad or roads are both in urban and rural areas. The highways are much worse and ith the local suburbs we can not even start to talk about it.

Just watch this video below taken in one of the main roads in Harare CBD where commuters carrying passengers are supposed to use as they do their business.

Source MbareTimes

In other news – Twitter react to the National Dress

Twitter react to the National Dress. Twimbos have reacted to the national dress which was launched by the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa today under them My Zimbabwe, My Identity, My Pride.Model

The event according to Harare Times was said to be a step towards the immortalization of Africa according to President Mnangagwa. Here is what Twimbos said…Learn More.

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