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Latecomers to be allowed to sit-in ZIMSEC Exams


Latecomers to be allowed to sit-in ZIMSEC Exams. A government official has said pupils who arrive late for Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) examinations because of transport challenges that have been exacerbated by current lockdown measures will be allowed to write their tests.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Communications and Advocacy director, Taungana Ndoro told State media that latecomers will be accommodated in other rooms to write their examinations without having contact with those who might have started on time. Ndoro said:

There were challenges on Tuesday but we quickly acted on it and all the candidates who wanted to write were given the opportunity.

There are instances when the exam starts at 8 am ending at 10 am for example, so if you are late the invigilators will make arrangements that you write without mixing with those who have already started.

There might be rare instances of those coming after the exam is finished. ZIMSEC officials and invigilators on the ground will assess and assist genuine cases.

Form Four and Form Six candidates started going to school for the exams earlier this week as they failed to complete the November 2020 examinations which started late (on 1 December last year) due to coronavirus restrictions.

Schools were initially scheduled to open for the 2021 First Term on 4 January but this was postponed due to a combination of Tropical Storm Chalane and a resurgent coronavirus.

Source – Pindula News

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