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Nelson Chamisa fumes over suspended Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume’s health condition



Mafume and Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa fumes over suspended Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume’s health condition. The MDC Alliance official was arrested last month facing bribery allegations. This was a week after the High Court had granted him bail in his earlier case involving alleged corruption. Party president Nelson Chamisa said Sunday the city father’s condition was getting worse.

Incarcerated Harare mayor Jacob Mafume’s health condition continues to deteriorate with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa taking to Twitter to claim the tormented city father was being denied access to medical doctors of his choice by prison officials.

“The Mayor of Harare, Cnlr Jacob Mafume’s health has deteriorated drastically whilst being held in remand prison. The right to health is fundamental for all citizens including even for those in prison. Mayor Mafume deserves proper medical attention by a doctor of his choice,” said the opposition leader.

Chamisa said the mayor’s continued imprisonment without trial to establish his culpability in the alleged offences violated the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty doctrine.

“Mayor Mafume has not been convicted of any crime,” Chamisa said. “The law regards him as innocent until proven guilty. He has spent a month in remand prison. Pre-trial incarceration is abuse of law. The Mayor must be treated with dignity that every citizen deserves. Right to life is inalienable!”

Activists are also calling on authorities to release the mayor. Mafume’s lawyer Tonderai Bhatasara also confirmed the mayor’s difficult situation. “The situation is bad. He was given antibiotics by prison doctors, but it’s not helping. He has changed. He is in pain and he is visibly sick,” said the lawyer, adding, he has not seen his client in the past two days.

MDC Alliance secretary general Charlton Hwende also said prison officials had alerted him of Mafume’s poor health condition. “A prison guard has alerted us that our detained Mayor Jacob Mafume is now seriously ill and requires urgent Medical help. The situation is very bad.”

Source – Bulawayo24

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