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Update: What we know about the US Capitol Hill protest so far

Update: What we know about the US Capitol Hill protest so far. The US Capitol descended into chaos yesterday as thousands of supporters of outgoing Donald Trump staged an attempted coup at the president’s urging.

The rowdy supporters rioted and breached the halls of Congress while elected officials were beginning to certify Mr Joe Biden’s presidential election win, and gained access to the floor of the Senate, setting off an armed standoff with law enforcement in the House of Representatives.

Here is what we know about the protest that took place at Capitol Hill in Washington DC yesterday as the country’s Vice president Mike Pence was presiding over the congressional vote (Electoral College) certifying process.

  1. Donald Trump early Wednesday Morning tweeted: Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful! but later on, urged his supporters to protest at the Capitol Hill
  2. Pro-Trump Protestors breached the barricades at Capitol and entered the building some breaking glasses and some smashed doors while some were photographed in different government officials’ offices.
  3. Lawmakers had to be evacuated as the situation became out of control.
  4. The building was placed under lockdown after the breach.
  5. A woman was shot inside the U.S. Capitol under unclear circumstances
  6. Three other people, two men, and one woman died in separate medical emergencies, at the protest.
  7. Police arrested 52 protestors 26 on the Capitol grounds.
  8. 14 Metropolitan Police Department Officers were injured during the demonstrations
  9. The FBI opened an investigation on the incident and they are seeking the public’s help to identify unlawful individuals.
  10. Trump recorded a video saying the protestors should go home and they are very special and he loves them
  11. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube took down the video.
  12. A 12-hour curfew is imposed on Washington DC
  13. FBI says two “suspected explosive devices” were found at the premises and they were rendered safe after they were found.
  14. D.C. National Guard is fully activated.
  15. Protests also broke in  Oregon, Minnesota, Kansas, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, and New Mexico
  16. Joe Biden, Barack Obama condemns the violence
  17. Mike Pence condemns the violence.

Source – Pindula News

In other news – Sir Wicknell’s mother has died

Sir Wicknell’s mother has died. Businessman and philanthropist Sir Wicknell Chivayo is in mourning as he has just shared the news of passing away of his mother. The businessman revealed the sad news on his social media platforms. Here is the post below…Sir Wicknell and mom

Dear MUM.

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