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Video of Mozambique storm destroying houses

Video of Mozambique storm destroying houses. It’s sad news to the people of Mozambique. People are fighting Covid-19 and Cyclone at the same time. Many are losing their lives and their family members. People are losing their lives left, right and centre. It’s Something we cannot celebrate. The world must join hands in support of all these countries which are currently struggling. May Lion of Juda intervene and Save our people.

Sad News in Mozambique. Beautiful cars are busy drowning in water and they are still brand new. These are sad news indeed, imagine buying a car this month and wake the following month you no-longer have a Car. It’s stress.

I can imagine from this point what the people of Mozambique might be going through, they are going through depression and serious stress where ever they are.

The problem is that these things always happen in Mozambique. The problem might be the geographical area of Mozambique. These kinds of things they don’t usually happen in South Africa. But as South Africans, we must join hands and fight with the people of Mozambique, they are in deep trouble and we must never stay away from them.

The good part is that the emergency helplines are intervening in the matter. They are assisting the people of Mozambique with all they have. And it is a good thing to see other African countries to be assisted by emergency helplines. it’s worth to be celebrated and it’s something we must enjoy by all means and stand defend.

I love seeing how these people from Mozambique are assisting each other on this flood. That’s what exactly we must always do as people, assisting each other every time at any moment. The spirit of love must always spread amongst us. Love must exist and spread. We must never allow spirits to come and divide us.

In South Africa, parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga are now close to danger. It is reported that in Southern Africa the Cyclone will start by Mpumalanga and Limpopo. People and the government must be ready for these storms as they are in a form to can destroy many families and houses and also cars for other people.

Source – MbareTimes

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