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VP Chiwenga: There might be no need of extending Lockdown




VP Chiwenga: There might be no need of extending Lockdown. In his address to the nation, Chiwenga said the extension of the lockdown will depend largely on the trend of the coronavirus in the country.

Zimbabwe’s Health Minister, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has hinted that the current t30-day national lockdown might not be extended. He said:

There might not be any need of extending the 30-day National Lockdown if the progression of the pandemic is tamed. However, let me warn my fellow countrymen that current statistics is indicating a marginal increase in new cases. The total Confirmed Cases continued to mount. The prevailing situation is posing a grave threat to public health…

He also warned the nation against complacency adding that there is still a need to continue observing guidelines of wearing masks, observing social distance and sanitization.

Chiwenga lamented over reports that “some of our people continued to defy lockdown measures, as we might have noticed in Mbare,” a musical showcase was held on New Year’s Eve.

He attributed the recent surge to complacency adding that a national lockdown would not have been imposed if everyone had not lowered their guard.

Chiwenga added that despite the adverse impact the lockdown has on the economy and standards of living, it was a necessary evil meant to save lives from the pandemic. He said the citizenry needs to be self-motivated to abide by the set regulations as they were pronounced to save their own lives.

Source – Pindula News

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