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12 main reasons why most women stay in abusive relationships

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12 main reasons why most women stay in abusive relationships. Women are known to be kind-hearted, therefore, endure lots of suffering in relationships which they hope will be better in the coming days. Finally, some women have opened up on why they still stay in abusive relationships. The answers were awkward while others were weird and shocking but in the language of love, nothing makes sense except the concept of love and its consequences.

Many women find it very difficult to leave abusive relationships for one reason or the other. We asked 12 different ladies what will make them stay with abusive and cheating partners and their answers were quite interesting.

Lady 1said: Time and investment, looking at where you both started, you cannot just give up something you’ve invested heavily in.

Lady 2: Nowhere cool for the devil you know, is better than the angel you don’t know that guy who is treating you like a queen only wants the keys to your heart and afterwards, he will decide how to control it. All men are the same she said.

Lady 3: Confessed she is in such a situation but she cannot leave the guy because she loves him so much and will do anything to save her relationship.

Lady 4: As for me if I say I love you, it is forever, therefore, no matter what I will stay to make things better.

Lady 5: Love is just wicked what you don’t expect is what it gives you yet you cannot quite because of you him.

Lady 6: Sometimes you want to quit but money to buy food is the problem that’s why most of our parents were stuck to abusive rich men.

Lady 7: Could not say much she said, love is blind it blocks all your senses before you have them back, you will be long gone.

Lady 8: who was angry said: All men are cheaters even pastors are the worse of them all so tell me will you leave your man because he cheated? It rains everywhere she added.

Lady 9: As for me, my love is pure and my words are not empty so if I do accept you today, I’m ever ready to go the long distance with you.

Lady 10: Sometimes what people will say, most of us to stay in such relationships especially if your partner is the innocent face type people turn to blame everything on you.

Lady 11: Girls hope for a better tomorrow but guys are driven by emotions that’s why men cheat at the least opportunity given.

Lady 12: Mostly is the sacrifice some of us make that overlooks red flags and still stay with abusive partners.

These are but a few people’s opinions from the people the researcher spoke with. Interesting revelations indeed.

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