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Chamisa to announce new party name in March



Nelson Chamisa

Chamisa to announce new party name in March. The sources revealed that Chamisa has finally been convinced that the MDC name is toxic and is no longer adding value. Nelson Chamisa, the MDC Alliance President, is set to announce a new party name, logo and executive team before the first of March.

The new party will have:

– A new constitution

– A new logo and identity

– New Offices

– A new website and membership database.

Why Chamisa Had A Change Of Heart

Chamisa had been reluctant to move away from the MDC name, in spite of demands by members that he should move to re-brand. However, recent events hage convinced the leadehip team that they need to move quickly.

Chamisa has now realised that the Supreme Court ruling is irreversible. MDC Alliance leaders believe that ZEC will not allow them to use the name MDC Alliance in the future elections.

Chamisa is therefore pre-empting these problems by totally moving away from the name MDC Alliance.

– Chamisa is confident that he had a strong support base that will follow him although he is not using the name MDC. He is confident of victory in 2023, if elections are held.

Chamisa is also willing to claim the role of genuine leader of the opposition and does not want to share space with people like Mwonzora, Komichi and Mudzuri. Sources say Chamisa launch a new political party and will include some new fresh faces in his leadership team.

Some of the proposed names for the new party will use include:

– Democratic Alliance

– Zimbabwe Democratic Alliance

– United Alliance of Democrats

– People’s Alliance

The common denominator in the name will be the presence of the word Alliance in the name.

The decision by Chamisa comes as the MDC-T is facing implosion after Thokozani Khuphe refuses to accept Douglas Mwonzora ‘s approach. Sources have revealed that Khuphe is willing to join Chamisa’s new party as she can not work with the Mwonzora camp.

Key people around Chamisa are said to be totally opposed to the idea of working with either Khuphe or Mwonzora and have advised Chamisa to make a fresh start.

Source – Pachopisatv

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