Desperate times, desperate measures: Woman wants to be married vows to pay her Lobola

Desperate times, desperate measures: Woman wants to be married vows to pay her Lobola. Taking it to her Twitter account, she revealed that she now understands the loses of not having a man and stated that she now wants to have one alongside her.

A woman called Natsai opened up that she had a behaviour of ignoring men in the past something she is regretting now. The beauty said she had realised she was not getting younger and age could catch up with her if she did not settle down by May 2021.

“A few years back I used to ignore men a lot. Now I am missing to have one of my own and get married, the problem is that when you pray to God, He has also changed nowadays.

He gives you those who have already been taken,” she tweeted. Natsai even vowed to pay the lobola for her husband if she manages to get one.

“Single men where are you? I swear, I have my own land and cattle and you won’t struggle much. Let’s leave sideshows, we will have a wedding in May and I will pay the lobola. As long as the man has a voice, I don’t have a problem,” she wrote.

Source – Pachopisatv

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