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Drama as Form 4 boy impregnates Form 2 pupil



Cheziya High Students

Drama as Form 4 boy impregnates Form 2 pupil. The 17-year-old Form four student allegedly invited his girlfriend to his family home to watch a movie. They watched a movie from a laptop and after some minutes the boy took his laptop and headed to his bedroom, the source said.

A Form Four student at Sobukhazi High School in Bulawayo lured his Form two lover to his family home and had s.e.x with her, resulting in her falling pregnant. He then invited her to come through to watch the movie, the court heard. The unsuspecting minor complied and sat on his bed and they watched the movie.

While they were watching the movie the boy, who had already hatched his plan, started to kiss her, the court heard. He asked to be in between the sheets with her, at first she refused, but after some persuasion, the minor gave in and they engaged in s.e.x.

After that, the court heard, the minor would visit her boyfriend and they would take booze and have sex. The sexual escapades resulted in the minor’s tummy bulging with her lover’s seed.

Seeing that she was young to have a baby, the minor asked one of her friends on how she could terminate the pregnancy and her aunt, who was in the dark about the pregnancy, got to know about it.

The aunt confronted the minor and had her tested for pregnancy and the test came out positive. The aunt then reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of the boy.

The Form Four pupil appeared before magistrate Shepherd Munjanja, facing charges of having s.e.xual intercourse with a minor. He was remanded out of custody to 26 March for commencement of trial.

Source – Bulawayo24

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