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Father who struck stepson to death over airtime arrested




Father who struck stepson to death over airtime arrested. The incident occurred last Sunday with the boy dying on the spot. In a related incident last Wednesday, a Harare man strangled his wife before committing suicide by drinking rat poison.

Police have arrested a Harare man for striking his stepson to death with a hammer after the minor bought more airtime than he wanted. Police confirmed the two incidents through the Zimbabwe Republic Police Twitter account on Saturday.

“A Harare man has been arrested in connection with the murder of his step-son on 7 February 2021. The suspect gave the victim US$1 to go and buy airtime worth ZW$20. The victim used the whole amount to buy airtime and this angered the suspect who pounded the victim with a hammer and he died. Police urges the public to respect the sanctity human life,” tweeted the police.

The police urged members of the public to solve differences amicably. “Police reiterates that, members of the public must solve their differences amicably or seek counselling from elders in their community.

This follows an incident in Featherstone (Harare) on 10 February 2021, where a man strangled his wife to death and later consumed rat poison and died. Prior to the incident, the couple had an unknown heated argument.”

Source – Zimcitizen

In other news – Machete boss Motion Chinyaure axed in gold fight

Machete boss Motion Chinyaure axed in gold fight. Sources say he ran away with some gold the previous night. Upon being asked to bring the gold, estimated to be over 200 grammes, he came back armed with an axe.


Motion Chinyaure a well-known member of the notorious machete gangs was yesterday afternoon axed to death in the mining area of Patchway. He is said to have attacked his eventual murderer only known as Chidha with the axe. After a scuffle, he was overpowered and axed to death…Learn More.




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