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Here is how some Zim celebrities celebrated their Valentine’s Day


Here is how some Zim celebrities celebrated their Valentine’s Day. The day which is usually associated with red and white where lovers pamper each other with presents such as flowers, chocolates, dining and merrymaking, was celebrated under a new normal.

Most Zimbabweans yesterday joined other parts of the world in celebrating Valentine’s Day, albeit under lockdown. This year’s Valentine was different due to the Covid-19 pandemic and needed the creative ones to make it happen.

Social media was agog with selfies and videos dedicated to loved ones. There were also images of the lovers flaunting gifts. A survey yesterday saw a few people walking with flowers and presents in the Central Business District of Harare.

Comic Pastor
Comic Pastor and bae

There was activity at the traditional Africa Unity Square flower market where drive-in buyers purchased flowers. The social media, was awash with activities from virtual performances, video releases to some posting how they were treated with their loved ones on the day.

Musician Jah Prayzah, for instance, dropped a song “Cry No More” which he dedicated to his wife Rufaro Chiworeso, a Valentine song accompanied by a video which also stars his wife. It seems the footage was shot long back while the wife was still pregnant and Jah Prayzah put a disclaimer that it was an old video.

“Tinotadza kuratidza rudo dzimwe nguva asi rwunenge rwuzere uye kutenda kuzere zvekare. (I may find it hard to show how much I love you, but I love you so much). I love my wife so much and never want to see her cry because of me. You can dedicate this song to your loved one too this Valentine’s Day,” he posted.

Zimdancehall musician King Shaddy also dropped a love song “Letter to Mai Titi” which is more like his other hit “Letter to Mai Huni”. The song was released on NashTV and uploaded on social media YouTube platform.

Local cake boss Pauline Likongwe said it was a busy day, as she had many orders to deliver. “The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our business, this year has received fewer orders because people are staying at home and some do not want home deliveries,” she said.


For award-winning hip-hop musician Mudiwahood, he celebrated his Valentine by giving and remembering the nurses who are always at the forefront during this global pandemic. The musician pledged to give Valentine’s Day gifts to some of the single female junior doctors from local hospitals as part of appreciating them.

He posted the pledge on his social media page, with some stating that it might be a bet to get the love of his life since he is now single again. Some local hotels also offered their Valentine’s Day specials under the Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.


R’n’B music sensation Trevor Dongo and comedienne Felistas Maruta, affectionately known as Mai Titi, put up a scintillating performance over the weekend in South Africa. The duo who shared the stage also posted on social media for their fans who later went frenzy.Trevor D and Mai Titi

Mai Titi even took part at the Love Couch show online with Anesu Chari as they talked much about love and relationships. Some even hosted Zoom parties to celebrate the day as they show each other the gifts they received.

Source – The Herald

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