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Husband wants to divorce his wife after sleeping with the sister




Hubby ready to divorce wife after he tasted her wife sister’s bed. A married man is seeking counselling after an adulterous mission with his wife’s younger sister. This Coronavirus is indeed making things happen in this world.

According to the man who has pleaded anonymity, he has always been attracted to her sister in law but scared to make a move on her until last week when she moved to stay with them due to the hardships in the village.

He disclosed that he noticed a change in her sister in law’s body language just few days after she moved into their house but scared to express his feelings.

But one evening after a falling out with his wife, her sister came to console him privately and that was when everything started.

He also revealed that after several rounds of lovemaking every day, he is now deeply in love with his wife’s sister and ready to divorce his wife and marry her sister.

Source – Pachopisatv

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