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Leaked audio s.e.xtapes of VP Mohadi with a married woman in the office



Chevaughn and Mohadi

Leaked audio s.e.xtapes of VP Mohadi with a married woman in the office. Vice President Kembo Mohadi office s.e.x: The matter reportedly came to light in a leaked phone call between the 2 said lovers in which Abigail Mumpande was expressing her concern after Mohadi reportedly took 2 cups of cups of an aphrodisiac concoction when he was preparing to be with his lover.

Now the VP is back with another s.e.xtape again this time with a different married woman who has been identified as Chevaughn. Below are some leaked conversations of the 2 partners as they organised for an office adventure…

“Are you alright now?… Are you alright now? Can you give me a f*ck now?” Woman only known to us as Chevaughn. Days earlier, she was having excessive bleeding and saw the doctor who advised her to change the contraceptive regime.

#EXCLUSIVE Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi: “So you want to give it to me in the office”? Chevaughn: “Yes. Vice President leaves no doubt he’s unfamiliar with condoms as he sounds alarmed when lover tells him she stopped taking contraceptives.

Source – zwnews

In other news – N#DE snaps of Susan Mutami leaked

N#DE snaps of Susan Mutami leaked. Things took a turn for the worst this afternoon after n#de pictures of Susan Mutami started to surface.

Susan Mutami

In one photo, Susan can be seen in a bathroom totally undressed. She appears to be taking the photo herself. In another picture, Susan is sitting with a man in a car, whose face is not shown…Learn More.





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