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Covid-19 Updates

President Mnangagwa extends Lockdown by 2 weeks




President Mnangagwa extends Lockdown by 2 weeks. The President has extended the lockdown by a further 2 weeks as the country tries to control the COVID-19 virus that has wrecked havoc in the past month when a record high of cases were reported.  Below are some of the measures that will be put in place as the lockdown continues.

Business hours now 0800 to 1700

Curfew 2000hrs – 0530am

Funerals remain at 30 people

Social gatherings remain banned

Government to increase manning from 10% to 25%

Judiciary to open for only urgent cases and Noone allowed in gallery

Schools remain closed.

Markets remain open observing social distancing.

Informal sector to open provided they attain Who standards.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Machete boss Motion Chinyaure axed in gold fight

Machete boss Motion Chinyaure axed in gold fight. Sources say he ran away with some gold the previous night. Upon being asked to bring the gold, estimated to be over 200 grammes, he came back armed with an axe.machete

Motion Chinyaure a well-known member of the notorious machete gangs was yesterday afternoon axed to death in the mining area of Patchway. He is said to have attacked his eventual murderer only known as Chidha with the axe. After a scuffle, he was overpowered and axed to death…Learn More.



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