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Man ambushes gogo in a bush and r@pes her at knifepoint




Man ambushes gogo in a bush and r@pes her at knifepoint. A family member who spoke to B-Metro on condition of anonymity said the granny was walking towards her home at around 7:30 PM last week on Sunday using a footpath when her neighbour Never Moyo (30) emerged from the bush and grabbed her by her neck.

A 30-year-old man from Ngozi Mine squatter camp has been arrested for waylaying a 56-year-old granny and s.e.xually assaulting her at knifepoint near her home.

The family insider said Never choked her while threatening to stab her to death if she dared to scream. The granny whose name is withheld for ethical reasons tried to wrestle herself from his firm grip, but she failed. It is alleged that Never used more force and pushed her to the ground.

He reached for his knife and pointed it at her while threatening to kill her if she refused to give in to his s.e.xual demands. Seeing that her life could be cut short, the source said the granny complied.

Never allegedly r@p_ed her once without protection. After the s.e.xual ordeal, he warned the granny not to tell anyone about the r@p_e incident. Lucky enough she had recognised his face and went to her home.

The following day she reported the matter at Cowdray Park police station leading to his arrest. Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

“We are experiencing rap_e cases that either committed by relatives or by people who are known by the r@p_e victim. This is worrying because these are the people who would be trusted by the r@p_e victims.

“We would like to discourage people from using footpaths because they would be placing their lives at risks. When they want to use footpaths they have to ask their relatives to accompany them.”

Insp Ncube urged r@p_e victims to seek medical attention as soon as possible so as to get post-exposure prophylaxis.

Source – MyZimbabweNews

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