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Mother buries 11-month-old baby alive



Baby buried

Mother buries 11-month-old baby alive. A wicked mother has buried her 11 months old daughter in a bush. What makes it sickening was the fact that she buried the daughter alive.

There is a need to conduct research into why women in recent times are the ones perpetrating serious crimes on others mostly their own children.Baby buried

This woman buried her own daughter alive until she was rescued by eye two men in a nearby bush. It is reported that the mother has been arrested by the police for attempted murder.

Source – Pachopisatv

In other news – Boyfriend strangles MSU girlfriend to death over cheating allegations

Boyfriend strangles MSU girlfriend to death over cheating allegations. Gweru residents have been left in shock following the tragic event. The incident followed after Alex found out Christabel has been cheating on him.


A boy identified as Alex Muzenda from Gweru has taken away his life and that of his girlfriend. It is reported that Alex has been taking care of…Learn More.




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