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New ambassadors keen on re-engagement and trade

New Ambassadors

New ambassadors keen on re-engagement and trade. Namibia’s Mr Niklaas Kandijii, Mr Alexander Ntrakwa from Ghana, Mr Udo Volz from Germany and Canada’s Mrs Christina Buchan were formally recognised at the ceremony.

Four new ambassadors presented their credentials to President Mnangagwa at State House yesterday and called for a deepening of ties between their countries and Zimbabwe, especially in the economic field.

Ambassador Kandijii said Zimbabwe and Namibia shared excellent relations from the time of their struggles for independence and acknowledged the assistance that independent Zimbabwe rendered to his country until it attained independence in 1990.

“Even after independence the excellent relations were now strengthened and consolidated through various mechanisms. The two countries signed many agreements, memoranda of understanding in various sectors,” he said, adding there was need to review existing agreements in line with emerging trends. “So the focus will be to see about trade, look at FDI, to look at cooperation especially in small and medium enterprises,” said Ambassador Kandijii.

He reiterated calls for the removal of the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West, principally the United States, saying Namibia will continue voicing its support during regional and international meetings as the sanctions mainly affect ordinary people instead of the so-called targeted people.

Ambassador Ntrakwa said Ghana and Zimbabwe have a special relationship from the time the two countries fought against imperialists, adding that although cordial relations exist between the two countries, more has to be done in the economic field.

“Since December 2019, moves have been made since then to establish a Permanent Joint Commission of Cooperation but for Covid-19, we would have been able to go beyond that level,” he said.

“For us, we look at Zimbabwe as a special development and we are looking at enormous human and material resources that the two countries have and opportunities that exist so that we are able to move our two countries forward and be able to develop our two countries for the benefit of our people.”

Ambassador Volz said Germany and Zimbabwe traditionally had good relations without any bilateral or historical differences.

“We are moving forward with our relations which are very good and I understand the policy of re-engagement is of common interest between Zimbabwe and Germany and I am also here to promote this re-engagement and mutual bilateral relations and cooperation,” he said. Ambassador Buchan said she had a cordial exchange with the President in their first meeting and said she would continue to promote existing ties especially in areas of education, humanitarian issues and civil society.

She added that Canada will continue assisting Zimbabwe in the conservation of its natural resources following its donation of two cheetahs to the country for breeding purposes to improve gene diversity.

Source – The Herald

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