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NewsDay – VP Mohadi s.e.xual affairs: Efforts to deny are pathetic


NewsDay – VP Mohadi s.e.xual affairs: Efforts to deny are pathetic. Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s efforts to deny “VP Mohadi having affairs with his married aides” reports have been described as “pathetic” and a bid to confuse the nation.

NewsDay, an AlphaMedia Holdings publication, said Mohadi must just take full responsibility for his actions; admit his wrongdoing and resign if he still has any self-respect. The publication writes after Mohadi had responded to “VP Mohadi affairs” reports saying the reports are false and a political plan by his detractors to soil his “good” image.

He claimed that the voice in the leaked audios which is alleged to be his was a cloned one for the purposes of convincing the public that it was him. Responding to the denials, NewsDay said:

Voice cloning is an information technology system that involves creating speech that cannot be distinguished from the original speaker, but Mohadi did not present any evidence to prove that indeed it was a set-up or that it was not him on those saucy phone calls.

Mohadi’s fervent denials also expose the poor communications in the regime because a few days earlier, government spokesperson Ndavaningi Mangwana had defended the Vice-President’s conduct, arguing that the escapades — some of which evidently took place at his Munhumutapa offices — involved two consenting adults and as a result they were no one’s business.

NewsDay also said Mohadi should have named the alleged detractors whom he pledged to deal with considering that they had “put his name and his alleged shenanigans to shame, publicly.”

There have been calls for Mohadi to resign over the alleged affairs but after his claims that he had support from “fellow comrades” who he claims understand the situation he finds himself in, it seems he is not prepared to resign. NewsDay argues that Mohadi is actually bragging to citizens that his fellow comrades, obviously the top leaders are condoning his behaviour.

Source – Pindula News

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