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Police officers on foot and horseback round up lockdown violators: Pics



Lockdown Violators

Police officers on foot and horseback round up lockdown violators: Pics. Police officers on foot and on horseback rounded up #lockdownviolators who did not have exemption letters at the corner of Herbert Chitepo Street and 10th Avenue in Bulawayo today (Yesterday).

He urged members of the public to adhere to the lockdown regulations imposed by the government.Police Lockdown violaters

“As police, we continue to urge people to stay at home except those categorised under essential services to curb the spread of the novel virus and save lives,” said Insp Ncube.Police Lockdown

During the lockdown, people not working in essential services are supposed to be confined to their homes and may only leave to buy basic necessities at a supermarket or food retail store,

Police Lockdownor fuel or gas at a fuel or gas retail outlet, within a radius not exceeding five kilometres or the nearest establishment if those within the radius are closed.

Source – Zimcitizen

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