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Prophet Makandiwa: I’m not a product of social media, no one will bring me down




Prophet Makandiwa: I’m not a product of social media, no one will bring me down. Preaching on Sunday, Makandiwa said the likes of Jay Israel, Apostle Chiwenga curse him to destroy him however curses turn into blessings.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of UFIC ministries says no man of God will ever bring him down because they have irrelevant evidence against him.

The prophet revealed that he is not a product of social media but God’s product. He added that he ha real evidence to destroy those cursing him but out of love he will not publish.

Makandiwa said he doesn’t need to leave Zimbabwe and start a new ministry, he can start a new one other than UFIC and still have a million followers thus no one can destroy him. The man of God e people should not be quick to attack people if they do not know where they are coming from.

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Source – Pachopisatv

In other news – Pics: Beitbridge floods leave cars submerged

Pics: Beitbridge floods leave cars submerged. Score of residents from Beitbridge’s oldest suburb, Dulivhadzimu were left counting their losses yesterday when flash floods hit the area. The border town recorded 76mm within 24 hours. Cars were submerged in the sudden flooding while roads and buildings were severely damaged.

Floods Beitbridge

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) yesterday said Beitbridge was among the areas that received significant downpours on Sunday. The worst affected area in the border town was the old long-distance bus terminus which is located in a low-lying area in WaMlala Stream where there are…Learn More.



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