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Stunner’s message to Holy Ten after his latest song with Anita Jaxson

Stunner’s message to Holy Ten after his latest song with Anita Jaxson. Desmond Chideme aka Stunner undoubtedly one of the living legends when it comes to hi[-hop music in Zimbabwe has issued a statement on Holy Ten’s latest song after he (HolyTen) had been criticised by comedian RayVines saying he was not feeling the song. But Stunner with the experience he has just decided to give some tips to Holy Ten. Check his message below

Let’s support it each other guys , in all my years I have had a couple of stupid songs and in those years I have pulled out over 20 hit songs (all this effort is for you the fans, we live to entertainyou guys) Sometimes in our homes we are not even happy but that does not stop us from singing a party song. It’s okay to misfire sometimes, musango chaimo ukabaiwa ne munzwa unochinja nzira uchitozo svika kwauri kuenda.

Minzwa iyoyo ndoma song amunoda kutuka but munhu achasvika mopembera. Holy Ten is an amazing young artist same as Asaph and them other guys so please musafarise ne data mongotuka pese pese. Constructive criticism is most welcomed.

It’s okay to not like a song but pane vamwe varikuto pembera ne song yauri kutuka. Some musicians are not as strong they give up before they reach their full potential because of the things you guys say. To the new skool guys rambai makadzvanya, haisi nyore kufadza vanhu vasinga fare, I know because I try to make them happy with every song and I’m not stopping anytime soon. 

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Nick Mangwana attacked for defending Mohadi’s s.e.x scapedes

Nick Mangwana attacked for defending Mohadi’s s.e.xscapedes. In a tweet that has set the social network on fire, Mangwana made the remark while responding to a tweet by a person, who described Vice President Kembo Mohadi’s alleged s.e.x scandals with two married women as shameful.


Zimbabwe’s information tsar, Nick Mangwana, has been attacked on Twitter for suggesting that married women are free to have affairs outside wedlock. The information secretary said…Learn More.

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