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The business world mourns Mahomed Mussa

Mahomed Mussa

The business world mourns Mahomed Mussa. Mr Mussa died at his home in Harare in the early hours of yesterday, days before his 75th birthday. He was buried on the same day in line with Muslim tradition. Family members dispelled reports that the business mogul had died of Covid-19, saying he succumbed to natural causes related to old age.

The nation yesterday mourned the death of tycoon and major investor Mr Mahomed Mussa with the business community leading tributes for one of Zimbabwe’s largest wholesalers.

Mr Mussa was the director and founder of the MM group, which incorporates wholesale operations, hardware shops, LP gas retailing, furniture and electrical appliances sales. “It is with sadness that we announce the passing away of our beloved father Mahomed Mussa from this temporary life to the real life of the hereafter.

“Death was written and everything else is just an excuse. We should always be happy with the decree of Allah Ta’ala. May Allah Ta’ala forgives the deceased and raise his status,” the statement from the family read.

Mr Mussa’s business creation and development went beyond establishing a major complex of businesses. He was also a major property investor who completely rebuilt and redeveloped a large number of complete city blocks centred on Guy Clutton Brock Avenue in the south of the city centre.

Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Dr Tinashe Manzungu described his death as a huge loss to the business fraternity.

“Today is a sad day as we mourn the death of a beacon in the business industry. He has played a big role and leaves unending footprints. Aspiring businesspeople always looked up to him and the way he operated which was devoid of unethical profiteering.

“It is unfortunate he dies at a time Zimbabwe is creating a conducive environment to make capital comfortable in this country. Established business leaders like Mussa are needed for the resuscitation of our industries.

“Our heartfelt condolences go to his family, friends and his business partners,” said Dr Manzungu. Employers Confederation of Zimbabwe president Dr Israel Murefu said Mr Mussa’s death was a big loss to their community.Mahomed Mussa Shops

“It is a sad loss, he played an important role even in supporting small and upcoming businesses. It is sad we are losing many influential people. My condolences to his family and associates,” said Dr Murefu.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Mr Henry Ruzvidzo said he hoped the business he founded would continue to thrive.

Zimbabwean-born leading global Islamic scholar Dr Mufti Ismail Menk said on Twitter: “Today we’ve lost one of the elders of the Muslim Community of Zimbabwe. Al Haji Mahomed Mussa was a legend, a well-known businessman and philanthropist. May Allah Almighty forgive his shortcomings and grant him Paradise.”

Source – The Herald

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