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Tip: COVID-19 Immunity passports Pros and Cons

Tip: COVID-19 Immunity passports Pros and Cons. Chatter around having a COVID-19 vaccination passport for travelling and any other activity across the globe has already started. According to, a COVID-19 immunity passport:

An immunity passport could prove a person has been vaccinated, and they might be given more freedom about gathering in public places and travelling.

Governments and other entities have started to entertain arguments for and against having COVID-19 immunity passport and here are some of the arguments being raised around the immunity passports:


  1. it is the quickiest and easiest way to prove that someone has been vaccinated
  2. It will act as an incentive to get more people to be vaccinated as they will only do certain activities if they have the immunity pasports
  3. It will give more people oppotunities to some individuals who could not access certain work opportunities because of the pandemic.
  4. It will allow international travel to resume safely without concerns of travellers being hospitalised in a foreign country.
  5. Is will give vaccinated individualas a simpler entry mechanism at ports of entry in different countries.
  6. As counties struggle with viruses and diseases, having a safe, secure, accessible, and coordinated record of immunizations appears to make sense


  1. At this point there is no concrete evidence that vaccines can thwart transmission, that would not be a good scientific basis for a policy of passports,
  2. It is stillnot clear if the vaccines will work against new variants this means the aspect of passports is still premature
  3. The passports will be used to give people who are vaccinated and presumed to have immunity the ability to do things that others cannot. There is bound to be discrimination amongst those who have been vaccinated and those who havent for any other reason.
  4. The passport if introduced could be produced fradulenlty by those that chose not to be vaccinated or those who could not be vaccinated for any other reason.
  5. When it comes to verification of the passport, this means health departments will have to share vaccination information with other organisation breaching some privacy protocols.

Source – Pindula news

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