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VP Chiwenga: Land barons to be made to compensate home seekers



Health Minister VP Chiwenga

VP Chiwenga: Land barons to be made to compensate home seekers. Chiwenga said this as he was addressing a meeting on unlawful and irregular human settlements in urban areas that was attended by government officials, ruling party officials, and other agencies including EMA.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has said the law will take its course on land barons and further said those who duped home seekers of their money will have to compensate them, The Herald reports. Said the Vice President:

In his address yesterday (on Thursday), His Excellency the President directed all ministries, Government departments, and agencies to work in concert in order to stop the rot, and to reassert planned human settlement and growth of our towns and cities.

He also directed that all those who broke the laws and by-laws on an urban settlement should be brought to book without fear or favour. Indeed, these culprits, notoriously known as land barons, will not only have their day in court; they will also be made to compensate desperate home seekers whom they so callously fleeced and exploited.

Today, luck has run out for such wayward characters and the hour of reckoning has now come. His Excellency has directed that action against those involved be taken without fear or favour and that no official from any party, or Government, should stand in the way of necessary corrective action

Meanwhile law enforcement agents this week arrested a Chitungwiza land baron for allocating home seekers land on wetlands in the town among other things.

Source – Pindula News

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