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Woman infected with Lung Cancer after smoking Shisha shares her story

A woman infected with Lung Cancer after smoking Shisha shares her story. According to the lady her infection was caused by years of smoking hookah also known as Shisha all over the world. The latter revealed how her love for the flavoured smoke has finally dealt her a deadly blow and she might not recover from anytime soon.

A beautiful lady who goes by the name Gracie across her social media platforms has taken to her timeline to tell her story of how she got an infection in her lungs as well as lungs pneumonia.

She revealed she has had the sickness for the past 4 years and her doctors told her she could have collapsed anywhere considering the level of infection. I wasn’t gonna post my condition but I probably could be a help or perfect example to others.

This message isn’t for sympathy or attention just wanna let my friends know how serious it is to give up a hookah. “I’ve been smoking for about 4yrs now every other day. If you knew me I swear you would say I didn’t go anywhere without my hookah.

“Well, sadly I’ve been diagnosed with a lung infection and pneumonia on my lungs. In it’s been confirmed that the hookah has caused this condition.

“Been having the symptoms for about 7months (Coughing, nausea, shortness of breath, lost appetite and fevers) been hiding and avoiding my condition for so long I didn’t do anything but damage my lungs more, if I didn’t have come in when I did the doctors says I was so close to collapsing anywhere.

“But all well just pray I can be encouraged and help to the next person”

Source – Pachopisatv

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