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Caps United players assault Herald reporter



Caps United players

Caps United players assault Herald reporter. The incident arose from a report which appeared in The Herald that day about the soccer match between CAPS and Dynamos for the Zanu (PF) Harare province, a fund-raising trophy which CAPS lost 3-2.

CAPS United players assaulted Herald soccer reporter Ephraim Masiwa at a local night-club on Monday evening, writes Arthur Lannas.

The players were angry that the reporter mentioned that about eight regular players from Dynamos were missing while he mentioned that only Joel Shambo and Shacky Tauro, were missing from CAPS.

The reason for this was simple. Dynamos officials had indicated to The Herald the names and numbers of the players retained from the last season, while CAPS had refused to part with what they considered secret and confidential information.

The Herald reporter was therefore only able to write about what he knew. The two CAPS players, however, claimed that their team was the better of the two and deserved a better write up. They therefore proceeded to beat up the reporter in full view of the public, until he was cut and swollen.

CAPS United have in the past been a well-disciplined and talented team. They have represented Zimbabwe on a number of occasions and have earned respect for the way they have conducted themselves, but that was in the past.

If Dynamos can be held responsible for the action of their supporters, then ZIFA can hold CAPS United responsible for the action of their players on and off the playing field.

The incident was reported to the Police and investigations are being undertaken. Club manager Julius Chifokoyo apologised on behalf of the club and said such an incident would not happen again.


Violence in sports, particularly in soccer should be avoided at all costs since it can lead to serious injury and loss of life. Football hooliganism is a description of football-related violent behaviours and actions from aggressive and fanatic football supporters and even players.

The Premier Soccer League strongly condemned acts of violence that took place at Barbourfields Stadium on Saturday 14, March 2020 during a Castle Challenge match fixture between FC Platinum and Highlanders.

Soccer players and soccer fans should respect journalists on and off the pitch so as to allow journalists to carry out their duties freely and comfortably.

Stiffer penalties and measures should be taken against violent behaviours from the players and the fans as well. Soccer pitches should be safe environments; hence, authorities should ensure that violence has no room in the beautiful game.

Source – The Herald

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