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Drama as wife turns up to hubby’s secret roora day with side chick

Chido lobola ceremony

Drama as wife turns up to hubby’s secret roora day with a side chick. The woman who angrily stormed the roora ceremony explained that she has been married to her husband for 17 years.

A Gweru woman, over the weekend, disrupted the secret roora of her husband to his side chick in Mkoba.

According to the woman identified as Mrs Chagweda, she has four children with her husband and has always been aware of her husband’s affair with his mistress.

Mrs Chagweda added that she would not sit aloof and watch another woman destroy her marriage. The woman also provided evidence of her wedding pictures to the people present at the roora ceremony to buttress her claims.

Relatives of the nearly married Tracy were left dumbfounded after having broken Covid regulations for her as she humiliated her elders and mother present.

The guests present watched in amazement as the woman explained why the marriage must not take place.

Source – Zimetro

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