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Security guards beat drunk man to death and dump him in a disused mine shaft

Security guards beat drunk man to death and dump him in a disused mine shaft. Bafowethu Dube (36), Mbonisi Sibanda (26), Saidi Ncube (31), Maxwell Sibanda (57), Elijah Ndlovu (53) and Anele Nxumalo (21) both of Umfazimithi area in Matabeleland North Province allegedly savagely attacked Tyson Ndlovu with tree branches and punched him all over his body.

Two security guards and four artisinal miners allegedly brutally assaulted a drunk man and threw him into a disused mine shaft where he died.

They handcuffed him against a guardroom pole and continued assaulting him before one of them drew a knife from his pocket and aimlessly cut the deceased’s hair from his head.

Tyson screamed for help while groaning in agony. A fellow security guard at Joke Mine where the incident occurred rushed to the scene and unlocked the handcuffs while the gang continued hitting Tyson.

The gang grabbed him by the legs and dumped him into a nearby mine shaft inside Joke Mine. Accused persons represented by their lawyer, Abel Ndlovu, pleaded for bail.

Remanding the suspects in custody to 29 April, Bulawayo Magistrate Stephen Ndhlovu said artisanal miners are difficult to locate since they track areas where gold belts have been discovered.

“They have a propensity to intimidate the witnesses so that they get afraid to come to court. They are highly nomadic and usually use first and nicknames (alias) wherever they go making it difficult to follow them up,” said Mr Ndhlovu.

The suspected persons are likely to abscond considering the gravity of offence if granted bail. Prosecuting, Constance Tatenda Mathaba said on February 24 at around 9AM the now deceased was heavily drunk and disorderly throwing stones at doors at Joke Mine shops whilst shouting obscenities.

“Three of the accused persons then approached the deceased with the intention to effect an arrest which he resisted prompting the accused persons to assault him. They dragged him to their work place where they ganged up to assault him,” said Mathaba.

Someone who saw Tyson battling for life in the shaft where the gang had dumped him made a report to the police.

Source – MyZimbabweNews

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