Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s sister explodes as she exposes brother’s wife Sonja: Pics

Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s sister explodes as she exposes her brother’s wife Sonja. In a series of posts, Moe explained how Wicknell’s wife Sonja accused her mother-in-law of bewitching her grandson.

Wicknell Chivayo’s sister, Moe, has come out guns blazing and exposed her brothers wife on social media as it seems like their relationship has reached another level of hate!

Moe, who also said Sonja is an ex-Hooker, narrated how her mom walked barefoot going to see Wicknell, who was in jail for 2 years. We have published the below-unedited posts by Moe:

Source – ZiMetro

In other news – No reopening of Borders

No reopening of Borders. President Mnangagwa during his address a few minutes ago said absolutely nothing about reopening borders. The president addressed intercity travel and said intercity travel can resume and long-distance bus operators must adhere to COVID-19 regulations and busses must be disinfected and passengers must wear their masks and practice social distancing.

Beitbridge Border PostHe also stated that schools should prepare to reopen but he did not give any specific dates for reopening. Said President Mnangagwa in his address…Learn More.

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