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Sir Wicknel addresses his family drama indirectly: Video




Sir Wicknel addresses his family drama indirectly: Video. In a series of posts, Moe explained how Wicknell’s wife Sonja accused her mother-in-law of bewitching her grandson. Sir Wicknell’s sister Moe is bitter and blasted her muroora Sonja with the Instagram name King Yaaya for calling their late mom a witch who bewitched their son John.

The businessman did not utter a single word in all this drama, he kept quiet and has not said anything. However things have taken a slight change as he has replied in a more mature but bragish way. Check the video below

in the Slides inserted in the video, it’s believed that John is not yet talking and Sonja claims it was Sir Wicknell’s mom who bewitched her grandson. The Chivhayo Saga.  Wicknell Chivayo’s sister, Moe, has come out guns blazing and exposed her brothers wife on social media as it seems like their relationship has reached another level of hate!

Moe, who also said Sonja is an ex-Hooker, narrated how her mom walked barefoot going to see Wicknell, who was in jail for 2 years. But all the noise did not make sir Wicknell react at that same moment. He however has replied in an indirect way as he posted himself in a car listening to Freeman and ExQ’s Nzenza song. Check the video below


Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Drifting goes wrong as man hits friend using his car: Video

Drifting goes wrong as man hits friend using his car: Video. A vehicle spinning incident quickly turned sour after a driver sent his friend torpedoing through the air when he knocked him over.  The incident occurred on Durban’s Florida Road and is understood to have happened at the weekend.


While details remain sketchy, in a video that is doing the rounds on social media, a man can be seen spinning a white BMW, with no number plate…Learn More.



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