Alick Macheso: Pray for strength

Alick Macheso: Pray for strength. The 52-year-old said his star-studded outfit, which translates to 27 households, needs a family head with focus and vision. Alick Macheso says his heart bleeds for the welfare of his 27-piece band which looks up to him during such trying times.

Macheso bared his heart on the sidelines of the 41st Uhuru Gala where he delivered a vintage act se to remain engraved in the minds of many for a while.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard that we are surviving by the grace of the Lord and also sharing the little that we have. “In my case, I employ 27 band members which translate to 27 households.

“The number of people who are feeding on Orchestra Mberikwazvo is big that you will be shocked to realise that music is more than business and source of livelihood to us.

“So my prayer to God is that I am appealing for strength to be able to look after the welfare of my band members,” he said. Asked how he was managing on lockdown, he said:

“Orchestra Mberikwazvo is now a big brand that you will be shocked at the number of corporates and individuals who always support us privately.

“On our own, we have a spirit of sharing the little that we have so that one of us is not found lacking. “Each time that I travel to the farm, I make sure that I bring something that I will in turn share with my band members be it maize or meat.

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