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Another stokvel pyramid scam, gogo loses medication money

Another stokvel pyramid scam, gogo loses medication money. An elderly woman yesterday caused a scene when she joined people baying for the blood of a woman they accused of duping them of their money under a pyramid scheme in Epworth.

Grace Samson, 63, shouted on top of her voice at Mai Kadzviti’s house where a number of people were gathered demanding refunds of the money they contributed to a pyramid scheme run by four members, namely Moddie, Priscilla, Mai Kadzviti and Murambi.

Gogo Samson went on to attack a police special constabulary only identified as Chihera, based at Sunway City Police Base, accusing her of collecting her US$1 promising to address her issues with the three pyramid scheme members. She said the money she contributed to the pyramid was meant for her medication. “Nhasi handisikubva pano kusvikira Mai Kadzviti, Moddie, Murambi na Priscilla vandidzosera mari yangu yavakadya.

“I sacrificed the little that I had, expecting to reap more as promised, only for me to spend days without mealie-meal. “I am the one who came and joined the scheme using three names with the intention to raise money for medication since I am losing sight.

I paid US$60 and they promised me US$280 after inviting other members into the scheme. “Ndakazongonzwa vakuti chave payellow chave pawhite, saka inini ndakuda zvangu US$60 yangu yandakavapa zveyekuberekana iyo handisisina basa nayo nekuti ndirikuda mari yekurapwa maziso angu. “Moddie nevarnwe vako hamuna mwoyo said Gogo Samson. “Ndirikuda US$60 yangu yandakanyoresa ndichishandisa mazita matatu vandivimbisa kuti ndinozowana US$280.

“Chihera mupurisa akandibhadharisa dollar achivimbisa vanhu kuti anoita kuti vadzoserwe mari dzavo vese. ngavadzose mari yangu,” she said. Mai Kadzviti and her team fled the scene and people threatened to set Baba Kadzviti’s car on fire if Mai Kadzviti refused to refund them.

“We are going to burn your car because you bought this from our hard-earned money collected by Mai Kadzviti,” one of the victims was heard saying.

“Kana pasina izvozvo landlord wako ngaabudise zvinhu zvenyu mumba muende kwamakatenga stand nemari dzedu,” she said. Another victim told H-Metro that her marriage is at stake because of the money she contributed to the pyramid scheme without the blessings of her husband.

“My husband threatened to take me to my parents if I did not bring the money I contributed to the pyramid behind his back,” she said.

Baba Kadzviti told H-Metro that he bought his vehicle from touting, denying taking any dollar from the pyramid scheme. “To be honest, my wife, who disappeared from the scene, was lured into the pyramid by one of the ladies and she is the one with the money,” said Baba Kadzviti.

“I bought this car from proceeds of touting for passengers at bus ranks. I am not a thief as these people want you to believe.

“Moddie is the one behind this pyramid and some people have since benefited from the scheme,” he said. Moddie, Priscilla, and Mai Kadzviti disappeared from the scene and people ran after them demanding their money and did not answer calls when contacted for their side of the story.

Chihera could not be reached for comment, however, and some residents requested awareness campaigns against these pyramid schemes, which they said have left a number of Epworth residents crying. One teacher recently duped more than 200 Epworth residents through the same scheme.

Source – Zimetro

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