Home Scandals Chipinge teachers slapped with a $300k lawsuit over witchcraft allegations

Chipinge teachers slapped with a $300k lawsuit over witchcraft allegations


Chipinge teachers slapped with a $300k lawsuit over witchcraft allegations. Precious Mundende of Chimana Secondary School under Chief Mapungwana accuses the workmates of reporting to her superiors that she is a witch.

A teacher at a school in Chipinge is suing three of her workmates and a traditional leader for $300 000 in defamation charges after they allegedly accused her of involvement in Satanism, Masvingo Mirror reports.

In her court papers, Mundende accused her workmates of causing her transfer to Gaza High School saying they wrote a letter to Chipinge District Schools Inspector implying that she was a witch.

The allegations of witchcraft arose after a female teacher, Catherine Kamanga, died under mysterious circumstances last year. Moreover, students collapsed and lost consciousness after seeing snakes in the classrooms.

Mundende was transferred alongside two other teachers who went to different schools following the closure of Chimana over Satanism allegations. Read the summons stamped on 9 April:

You are summoned that you do within 14 days after the service of summons upon you. Enter or cause to be entered with, and also the Plaintiff herein ZW RTGS $ 300 000 being defamation damages together with interest at the prescribed rate from the date of summons to date of full payment a temporae morae and costs particularly whereof one endorsed hereon.

In default of your doing so, you will be held to have admitted the said claim. Plaintiff may proceed herein and judgement may be given against you in your absence but that on payment within the said time, judgement will not be given against you herein and that before the expiration time of the said time, you so pay or lodge with the plaintiff consent to judgement.

Source – Pindula news

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