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Ex-UZ registrar: Grace Mugabe deserved PHD

Ex-UZ registrar: Grace Mugabe deserved PHD. Former UZ vice-chancellor Levi Nyagura is facing allegations of singlehandedly awarding Grace Marufu- Mugabe the degree without following due process. Chevo led to evidence for the state, telling magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi that Marufu was thoroughly examined to an extent that she started to shiver before she became calm.

Former University of Zimbabwe registrar Seargent Chevo says former First Lady Grace Mugabe deserved her PhD, and that she was ‘thoroughly examined’ before the award.

“Professor Nyagura was chairing the oral examination panel and Marufu was asked a lot of questions. She was shivering and later on she stabilized. After the questions she was asked to leave the room and the committee deliberated on her performance,” Chevo told the court.

Chevo said the panel included several professors among them, Professor Charity Manyeruke, Professor Claude Mararike among others and all were unanimously agreed that she passed. The Registrar said during the oral examination he was taking down minutes.

“The vice-chancellor advised me to write the minutes and I send it to him for his approval after the approval of the minutes there was some break and one of the days, he called me and instructed me to ask one Takawira to prepare a certificate for her. I then called Takawira and told her what has been instructed by the vice-chancellor,” Chevo added.

Chevo said the process that led to the awarding of the degree was normal to any student who registered with the UZ and he only knew of the allegations after he was asked to issue a warned and cautioned statement by police.

While under cross-examination from Nyagura’s lawyer advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara, the State witness repeated that Marufu was thoroughly examined and she answered the questions very well.

“I still stand with my statement that Marufu was thoroughly examined. There was no favour and it was actually grilling,” Chevo told the court. He told the court that he never saw any favouritism during the oral examination and the normal procedure was used during all processes.

He said she never saw or heard any complaints of this nature during his tenure. Chevo said all committees that include academic and senate recommend awarding of the degree to Nyagura.

Another State witness Professor Sifikile Makwavarara also told court that she never saw Marufu’s documentation as it was before her appointment. The matter was postponed to Wednesday next week.

Source – Zimcitizen

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