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GMAZ engage Minister in stopping workers’ protests

Larry Mavima

GMAZ engage Minister in stopping workers’ protests. GMAZ accuses the workers of intending to embark on protests before exhausting the available channels of resolving the conflict as stipulated by the Labour Act.

The Grain Millers Association Of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has engaged the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Paul Mavima to block the workers’ intended salary protests.

GMAZ national chairman Tafadzwa Musarara condemns the protests which he said were being planned when discussions between the parties were already underway to resolve the matter. Musarara said:

One of the trade union parties to our collective bargaining UFFAWUZ wrote to us as the employer representative party advising of a dispute of interest between them and our representatives to the wage negotiation.

Regrettably, UFFAWUZ has threatened that they will be committing various acts of collective job action that will include demonstrations and picketing in gross violation of section 104 of the Labour Act as they did not provide us with adequate notice (14 days) as required by law.

Musarara also wrote to UFFAWUZ expressing dismay over the labour group’s double standards exhibited when it called for protests at the same time claiming to be willing to negotiate. He said:

The confusion is arising from the fact that on one hand, you claim to be willing to engage for a progressive discussion and deliberation of the matter yet on the other end, you threaten a demonstration in violation of the law which compels you to provide a 14-days written notice coupled with sufficient cause for your need to take up the collective job action.

Source – Pindula News

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