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Mbinga yemashuwa: Frank Buyanga’s fleet of cars paraded off, including 2 Bugattis

Mbinga yemashuwa: Frank Buyanga’s fleet of cars paraded off, including 2 Bugattis. Zimbabwean millionaire Frank Buyanga spotted with his R50 million Bugatti Chiron in Houtbay Western Cape.  The property tycoon hogged headlines after his Bugatti Chiron so today we decided to flaunt his other cars that he keeps at bay from the public

The car cost $25k just for a set of tires and the oil change cost over $20k US. Mzansi seems to be the playground for exotic and hypercars lately. Recently a Bugatti Veyron that costs over R30 million was spotted in the streets of Rivonia in Johannesburg.

Now, an even more expensive Bugatti has been spotted going for a spin in the streets of Cape Town. The R50 million Bugatti Chiron with a Zimbabwean registration was spotted being followed by a white BMW X7.Bugatti1

All the Chiron models are powered by an 8.0 litre 16-cylinder beast of an engine that employs four turbochargers to generate 1500 horsepower and 1180 of torque.Frank Buyanga Cars

The South African website, Briefly.co.za, published Frank Buyanga’s biography, describing him as one of the richest men in Africa. The reports said Buyanga had one thing in common with Dangote since he also ventured into business at a tender age and has so far managed to build an empire.Lamborghini

Property tycoon Frank Buyanga and Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, both love “taking risks and exploring several ventures”, according to Briefly.co.za. “He (Buyanga) has one thing in common with Aliko Dangote; taking risks and exploring several ventures.

Bentely Frank ventured into business at a tender age, and by the time he was clocking thirty years, he had built an empire that had impacted thousands of lives.Bentley

“Success does not come easy, and the life of Frank Buyanga is proof of the statement. He has surfed the high and most turbulent waters to carve a covetable status. His rise to becoming one of the most successful businessmen in Africa has been faced with a series of controversies,” reads the biography.

Source – MbareTimes


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