Old Madala pesters muroora for Lula Lula

Old Madala pesters muroora for Lula Lula. Things got so bad she even moved house to get away from him, but he found her and won’t leave her alone. She has no peace thanks to her babazala and doesn’t know what to do.

This is because Joseph Mokoena (62) believes he ‘loves’ this poor makoti, Mapaseka Mokoena, and wants to be with her. But Mapaseka sees him as a father figure and doesn’t want him. She told Daily Sun her husband died three years ago and Joseph started to hit on her a year later.

“I was shocked and angry when he first approached me,” she said. “He told me I’m an exceptional woman and he was pleased with how I treated his son.” The 38-year-old from Orlando in Soweto said she told him she never wanted to hear this again, but Joseph told her he’d give her time to think about it.

“I told him I was 100% sure I didn’t want to be with him. He made it clear he won’t give up on us and said he dreamt about me and knew that his ancestors approved,” she said.

Mapaseka said she even moved out of her house, but her babazala managed to find her. “I don’t know how he found out where I lived. This angered me because I left because of him,” said Mapaseka.

She threatened to open a case against him, but he wasn’t deterred. “He stayed away for eight months, and when he came back he told me he’d go to a sangoma if necessary,” she said.

Mapaseka then involved family members, and her babazala backed off for a year but bothered her again. “I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t understand how this man thinks he can be with me,” she said.

“He’s old. I’ve always seen him as a father figure.” But madala Joseph said he truly loves Mapaseka. Said the love-stricken Joseph: “I tried to stay away from her, but I dream about her and can’t stop thinking about her.

“I know that my late wife would approve of this relationship. “I love the person she is and the way she respects her family. “She treated my son with tender love and care and I want that, too.” He said he’d try to stay away, but couldn’t promise not to see her once in a while.

Joseph’s sister, Catherine (58), said she also didn’t know what to do. “I spoke to him several times and he promised to leave her alone,” said Catherine. “I even suggested Mapaseka get a restraining order against him because he won’t listen.”

Source – MyZimbabwe

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