Zim celebs speak on Easter Holiday

Zim celebs speak on Easter Holiday. Such a wish comes during the Easter holidays, which provide both Christians and non-believers the chance to reflect on their past while relaxing with peers. To the Christian world, it marks the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Restoration, forgiveness and starting anew remain the best prescription for a better future. To non-believers, this used to be the time when peers meet after a while and merry-make. However, this year’s celebrations won’t be the same as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The lethal virus has claimed many lives and left millions infected. H-Metro Assistant News Editor (Entertainment) TRUST KHOSA had a chat with a number of these influencers who urged people to be cautious during the holidays.

The majority of the influencers urged spoke be cautious and observe all the World Health Organisation regulations to curb the spread the coronavirus. They also warned their fans against irresponsible drink driving which continue to hurt many. Read on….

Pastor Charles Charamba (musician/preacher)Charamba

– It’s going to be a busy one. I will balance between pastoral duties and music. It’s a time when we preach on the unmatched gesture by Jesus Christ to die for us and demonstrating that Godly people can resurrect from the dead.

I will be holding online preaching services. We will also minister at the Worship Experience concert on Saturday. Jane Doka – (musician/businesswoman/philanthropist) – This Easter, I’m going to be in church and will spend time with my family in between services.

The message of Easter is central to my faith as a follower of Jesus Christ that He died and He rose again.

There is no better place to be than with other believers calling to mind what Christ did for us all.

My advice to people right now is to remain steadfast in faith and continue to do the best they can with what is available to them.

Whatever is not in your control, trust God for that.

There is no limit to His power.

My other advice if I may is that we are responsible for what we do with ourselves – let’s drive responsibly, spend responsibly and let’s spread love not hate.

Happy Easter!Boss Spencer Madziya (events manager/businessman/music promoter) – This Easter season has come at a time we are faced with a global pandemic that has left devastating effects on our physical, mental and spiritual health, we need to keep praying for divine intervention.

Christ’s death and his resurrection should give us hope that all will be well through Him.

I will take this time to be at home and spend it with family.

I urge our fellow citizens to exercise restraint and discipline during this period as Covid-19 is still out there those who can take this time to get your vaccines, mask up, sanitize , social distance this is key.

Thembani Mubochwa (designer/minor)

– I will be at home bonding with my family and interacting with my loved ones and doing business online.

My advice during this trying times when the world is reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic is; stay home, maintain social distancing, mask up and observe the rules that have been stated so that save ourselves and the nation at large.Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare – The Easter holidays are not going to be the same because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are used to spending the holidays with our friends and family but now it’s a different situation.

Nevertheless, we should just try and adhere to the Covid-19 regulations and stop the spread of the virus.

All those who can’t be with the children like they are used just remember lost time can always be recovered unlike a lost life.

If we are going to spend the day as a family, let’s make sure we are doing what’s best for the next person.

In order to be safe during this holiday and even after, lets treat everyone as if they are Covid-19 infected that way the spread of the virus will be low.

Happy Easter. Stay safe. Be blessed

Charles Pintec (musician/preacher)

– We just bless God because unlike last year where we were in total lockdownand this year we will be in church with my family.

Although the number is still limited to 50 but I bless God will be one of the required persons worshipping God almighty ,remembering the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ from Friday till Sunday.

On Monday, I will be resting at home with my family. I urge all Zimbabweans to continue adhering to the WHO guidelines on Covid-19 as the pandemic is not yet over until it is over.

Those travelling on the road please exercise extreme caution to avoid road carnage.Selmor Mtukudzi (diva) – I’m going to be with family, we’ll just do a small get together.

I advise people to stay safe, remember to mask up and avoid unnecessary travel.Nicholas Zakaria (musician) – Easter holiday is going to be an opportune time to reflect on the Lord’s goodness and thank him for the gift of life.

Given the lockdown situation, there will be no travel or any work related engagements so I will spend time with family and fine tune some of my 2021 album compositions in a relaxed manner.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, we urge members of the public to stay home and safe.

They must not forget to mask up, sanitise and social distance.

To those travelling be safe on the roads, don’t speed and avoid drinking and driving.

We love you all and value your support over the years.Andy Kays (disc jockey)- Easter is going to be family time for me, take time to be with my wife and children but stay connected to my audience via social media.

The small space we have been afforded to ease the Covid-19 situation needs us to remain on guard.

Mask up, wash hands and sanitize. Social media has become our greatest friend at the moment, we are looking for ways to continue engaging and providing entertainment for our audiences but via digital platforms like youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Don’t let the pandemic rob of the values and good times Easter is represent, spend time with your loved and stay connected via social media.

I am hoping though to finally go catch the lines at the vaccination centre, so maybe if others find time, they can come and join me.

Our Government is making great efforts towards making our country as safe as possible again, so we should become active members of that effort by finding to go get vaccinated.Machembere (promoter/entrepreneur/socialite) – On Easter holidays, it has become our tradition to spend it with family and friends we go on a church conference.

However, this is different because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So as for me, I am going to spend it at home.

I know it’s difficult for everyone since this deadly disease started but let’s not lose hope.

Let’s join our hands to fight the disease since corona virus is real let’s mask up, sanitise, and continue to practice social distancing and avoid social gatherings..Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange – I’m probably going to our holiday home in Nyanga with my family during Easter.Enisia Mashusha (theatre director/actress) – Coronavirus has affected our lives in untold ways, we are going to celebrate Easter in a different way all because of the pandemic.

I know the lockdown has been relaxed but let’s not forget that we are still in a bad situation where by it might get even worse.

Let us try if we can to make the best use of this time, be generous, help those in need, let us look out for the loneliest people perhaps by telephone or social networks.

We need the creativity of love during this Easter holiday. Happy Easter everyone!Psalmist Nhete (musician/preacher) – My name is Psalmist George Nhete, I want to encourage people to comply with the Covid-19 regulations during the easter Holidays,

I am planning to spend the Easter Holidays praying with family and Church members,

I shall be calling the less privileged to spend time with them and hand over food hampers to them on Easter Sunday.

Let’s use sanitizers and soaps to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

I understand that people need a lot of counseling and word of encouragement during these trying times, especially those who have lost their loved ones to this disease.

Some are simply destroyed by fear and negativity.

Our only hope is in God, and I believe that by preaching the word of hope some will be encouraged.

I always say “wearing masks in public and social distancing is a a sign of loving one another and caring for one another.

Jesu said love one another.

I wish Zimbabwe a special Easter Holiday and Happiness thereafter!Freeman (musician/entrepreneur) – Firstly, I would just like to take this moment to thank you and all other media platforms which have been keeping us abreast on all the developments we have been having with regards to this pandemic that has since engulfed normal life as we used to know it.

Well, it has been over a year already since we first had the introduction to Covid- 19 and life had never been the same of course.

Well, in as much as it has impacted our day to day activities in unwanted ways one way or the other, we as a nation have now come to accept the fact that this is the new norm, sanitising, social distancing,masking up and following the safety measures placed by health expertise is the only way to go.

This Easter unlike in previous years, we will be celebrating in a different manner all together.

Remembering to keep small gatherings and safety measures at all times and the better we work together in following safety measures the sooner and the better we will be able to bit this.

We have lost loved ones and even succumbed death but in every Dark Cloud there is a silver lining.Happy Easters to everyonePeter Moyo (musician) – People should follow the regulations and never forget that their lives matters.

They should always wear their masks always.Joey Nyikadzino (beautician/actress) – Yes Easter holidays is around the corner and I would have loved to be somewhere with my family as we always do but this year is just like last year I will celebrate it from home with my kids and also remember that Jesus Christ died for us.

As for my fellow Zimbabweans I urge you to take it easy also because Covid 19 is still here and it’s still risky to be out on gatherings and also remember to follow all regulations so that you stay safe.

Remember prevention is better than cure. Happy holidays.Xoey Chirenda-Chimombe (philanthropist/events manager) – As VCH we were fortunate enough that our Easter hamper distribution programme in Seke took place before the Government issued a statement on Easter rules and regulations.

As seen in the picture the recipients were already in the Easter celebration mood.

During this Easter lockdown our advice to people is to take this Covid – 19 pandemic seriously and observe all protocols that are being stipulated.

We encourage everyone to stay at home and pray for ther families and for the country.

They could use this Easter holiday to empower themselves to learn and try out new skills and hobbies.

Baba Harare (musician) – On Easter, we will be home praying and writing songs.

I advise people to follow lockdown measures and safety measures.Lady Storm (dancer-cum-musician) – I’m spending the Easter holiday praying for my family, country and loved ones for their safety because Covid-19 is still around and we need God’s intervention.

I will also be praying for the grieving families who lost their loved ones due to the pandemic so that they find peace.

Dino Mudondo (musician) –

I will be spending most of my holiday at home with family except on Saturday I will be entertaining a small group of people at a small club in witbank mupumalanga tichiteedzera mutemo we not more than 100pple at a joint exercising social distance n no mask no entry but otherwise here is to wish all my rastakwasa fans a happy holiday and thanks for staying loyal to my game something brand new coming out soon under Zimbabwe best producer Maselo.

Source – H-Metro


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