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Zimbabwean form 1 drop out designs quad bike


Zimbabwean form 1 drop out designs quad bike. The current version of the motorbike is his second attempt after he destroyed the first he designed around 2004 and 2005, under the eyes of his father after failing to raise the requisite financial resources. A form 1 school drop out, Nhlanhla Gabula popularly known in his community as Oriyantso has designed a quad motorbike.

Speaking on his latest project, Oriyantso said offers have been made by local farmers for the motorbike but he is adamant he will never sell the prototype. He said:

Having made a quad bike before which never came to see the day I decided when l started to stay on the premises to deal at once and for all with the wound and put my skills to test.

I managed to raise money to fulfil my dream and this is where l raised all the parts required. In three and a half months l was done and dusted. This is not the ideal quad bike l desire to design. With all the right equipment l can pull it off in a month without any scratch or untight screw.

My target is when l get all this to create employment and grow as a company that is able to make two quad bikes a month or even more considering the raw equipment.

I will never sell this sample even in my trying times and l want to wake up and see it daily to inspire me to hustle and be able to grow my company and even get it to be formally registered.

Nhlanhla Gabula dropped out of school in 1992 just as he finished his Form One Third Term at Gwanda High School as his father failed to pay his school fees. Nhlanhla Gabula became a gold miner in Collen Bawn before going to Harare where he tried his luck in rearing Ostriches.

He returned to Gwanda where he became his father Amos Gabula’s right-hand man where they welded in the family’s home at Gwanda’s oldest township Jahunda.

Source – Pindula News

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