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Impose Lockdown to those who resisted vaccination

Impose Lockdown to those who resisted vaccination. This comes when Zimbabwe is facing another lockdown amid reports that a coronavirus variant first detected in India is now in the country. A memo to the Zimbabwe Independent Editor has urged the government to impose the COVID-19-induced lockdown only on individuals who resisted vaccination.

Already, about a dozen people in the Kwekwe in the Midlands province have been infected showing how the virus spreads exponentially. In the memo, Nevanji Madanhire predicted that the government might have no choice but to impose another hard lockdown which Zimbabwe doesn’t need adding it should be on those who resisted vaccination. Added Madanhire:

If the hard lockdown has to be put in place more livelihoods would be affected as people lose jobs and those who live hand-to-mouth have to close their vending businesses. We all know other problems that come with this, such as domestic violence which mostly affects women and children.

But Zimbabweans who resisted vaccination cannot be allowed to have their cake and eat it too. It is known that many companies encouraged their executives and workers to get vaccinated. We also know that many individuals took the bold step to get vaccinated.

Zimbabwe rolled out a vaccination programme with the aim of vaccinating at least 10 million people to achieve herd immunity but just over 600 000 people have been jabbed. The low uptake could be attributed to scepticism on the efficacy of the vaccines developed so far.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is one of the countries whose response to the coronavirus pandemic has been acknowledged by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Source – Pindula News

In other news – Drama as family collects wrong corpse, discovers mix-up shortly before burial

Drama as family collects wrong corpse, discovers mix-up shortly before burial. The family only realised shortly before burial that they had collected the wrong body. A Harare family last week mistakenly processed a burial order and organised funeral rites for an unidentified man whom they mistook for their presumed dead relative, Enock Foya.


It later turned out that Enock whom they presumed dead, was recuperating at Sally Mugabe Hospital after being knocked down by a car at Mbare Musika three weeks ago. According to Freddy Foya, his brother Enock went missing for about three weeks…Learn More.

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