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Jacob Ngarivhume arrested during Clean-Up in Mbare

Jacob Ngarivhume arrested during Clean-Up in Mbare. Police offices who picked him said they had orders to pick him if he was seen in the streets picking litter. MDC Alliance vice-chairperson, Job Sikhla, posted on Twitter: Ngarivhumbe has been picked by the police and is currently at Matapi Police Station in Mbare.

Opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume was Tuesday picked by police officers during a clean up in Mbare suburb, Harare.

NO charges have been pressed against him. They are only claiming that they have been instructed to pick him if he is seen picking litter in the streets of Mbare. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights confirmed the incident saying their lawyers were already seized with the case. Said the lawyers:

Our lawyers @mudashoko @PaidaSaurombe & Harrison Nkomo are reacting to offer legal assistance to @NgarivhumeJacob arrested by @PoliceZimbabwe in Mbare suburb today while he was conducting a clean up in one of Harare’s oldest suburb.

Police recently warned Ngarivhume against conducting the clean-up but did not give reasons as to why he was not supposed to clean. This comes as the Ministry of Local Government And Public Works has launched a refuse collection programme in Harare.

The Deputy Minister of Local Government And Public Works, Honourable Marian Chombo spoke on the programme saying they have engaged the local government authority. She said:

As a ministry, we have engaged council and they were citing their challenges. So, we said devolution funds allocated to the local authority should be used for such kind of service.

The issue of uncollected garbage has become a serious concern in Harare amid fears of a health hazard with uncollected refuse piling up near the popular Mbare Musika vegetable market.

Illegal dumping sites have become an eyesore in most parts of the capital city amid allegations that the local and central government are using service delivery and or lack of it thereof for political mileage.

Source – Pindula News

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