Lovemore Madhuku: ED more greedy for power than Mugabe

Lovemore Madhuku: ED more greedy for power than Mugabe. The law is seen as an attempt by Mnangagwa to centre power around himself to fulfil his “2030 Ndeendichipo” (I will still be around in 2030) declaration.

Constitutional law expert and opposition National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is more power-hungry than his predecessor Robert Mugabe following the passing into law of the Zimbabwe Constitutional Amendment Bill No.2.

Madhuku, who has relentlessly campaigned for a new people-centred constitution since the late 1990s, said Mnangagwa had proven he actually craved power more than his predecessor. Said Madhuku:

What is more dangerous in the amendment is that it personalises that consolidation (of power)…it is very clear that power is being concentrated not in the hands necessarily of an office but of an individual who is in office.

It is all about the personal love for power by President ED Mnangagwa. So, as NCA, we wish to put it to the public that we notice a very dangerous trait in Amendment Number 2. It’s a level above what we are used to.

We have been in this game to say that we need a people-driven constitution.

At one point, we were dealing with President Mugabe and some people thought that it was all about Mugabe but what has happened with Amendment Number 2 is that the current President has gone much beyond what President Mugabe was doing in terms of loving power as a person and concentrating it and l think it shows the trend that came out in a video where the President is saying ‘In 2030, l will still be there’.

Under the new law, candidates in future presidential elections will no longer be obliged to select running mates and also the sitting president has the prerogative to handpick the country’s senior judges instead of them having to be subjected to public interviews first.

The law also extends judges’ terms of office beyond their retirement age of 70 and Mnangagwa has duly taken advantage of the provision to extend Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s reign by another five years to 2026. Malaba turns 70 on Saturday.

Source – Pindula News

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