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Pokello gets her COVID-19 jab: Video


Pokello gets her COVID-19 jab: Video. Zimbabwe top businesswoman and socialite Pokello Nare get her COVID-19 vaccination jab. This comes as the nation moves forward with the vaccination programme. Many citizens are having doubts in having the vaccination jab siting some superstitions and unverified sources saying negative information about the vaccine.

But the vaccination of the likes of Pokello boosts confidence and gives motivation to her followers. We all know the influence she has and it’s a good thing that she was vaccinated we know a lot of people will follow in her footsteps. This is a good move and we salute her for leading by example. Check the video below as she gets her jab.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Truck driver pees in his p@nts after running over a ghost: Video

Truck driver pees in his p@nts after running over a ghost: Video. To all those who don’t believe in ghosts and African juju, you should watch the video below and see if you will still stick to that mindset. Trust me there is a supernatural world in this day and time we are living and it has been there since long long back. Its just our generation is being washed away in terms of such things.

Road Ghost

However, if you watch the video below you will get to maybe see and understand that the is real and it does exist. Last night social media was flooded by a video of a truck driver who narrated his encounter with a…Learn More.

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