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Zanu-PF afraid of MDC A president Nelson Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

Zanu-PF is afraid of MDC A president Nelson Chamisa. The country has witnessed both repression and poverty increasing under his leadership. We took a wrong turn in 2017.

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa grabbed power with the assistance of the military in November 2017, a lot of people were willing to work with him to improve the country’s battered image but unfortunately, all this went down the drain.

Today the regime and its political surrogates including Thokozani Khupe, Douglas Mwonzora and foul mouthpieces are working hard around the clock and determined to bar MDC-Alliance powerful leaders who are vocal to the inept and clueless government to contest in the forthcoming 2023 harmonised elections.

If Nelson Chamisa was nothing as they want to portray it, we were supposed to experience a total blackout on him but every day the government’s mouthpieces are awash with Nelson Chamisa’s stories.

Those who think that Douglas Mwonzora, Thokozani Khupe and Morgen Komichi have become all of a sudden political gladiators must have their brains examined by a specialist.

Targeted leaders of the opposition are the likes of MDC-Alliance President Nelson Chamisa and Vice President Tendai Biti because they are vital cogs in running the people’s struggle.

The Zanu PF government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is working in connivance with Douglas Mwonzora to make sure that MDC-Alliance is completely decimated and that it does not see the political sun rising in 2023.

Through the unfashionable Patriot Bill which they are trying to push hard to become a law, Zimbabwe’s democracy is slowly being sentenced to a slaughterhouse.

This Patriotic Bill is a North Korean and apartheid-style type of oppressive legislative piece worst than Robert Mugabe’s draconian Aippa. Zanu PF has perfected the art of asking for sanctions through abuses of human rights.

What Zimbabweans should know is that our beautiful nation is not short of people who are patriotic but is short of sound leadership which must think outside its quadruple.

Zimbabwe is well endowed with hard working people who just need little supervision to jump start them into production.

The whole of last year Zanu PF under Mnangagwa spent much of its time and resources working extra hard during the Covid19 pandemic trying to annihilate ans frustrate the MDC-Alliance.

They went on to seize its assets at Morgan Richard Tsvangirayi House, jailing of its cadres, political activists and engineering illegal recalls of its members of parliament.

What Zanu PF does not know is that it is on the other side campaigning very hard for MDC-Alliance. This is not new they also did that during the time Morgan Tsvangirayi was still alive. President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s insatiable ideological appetite to create a Chinese model of politics should not be tolerated under what circumstances.

Source – Bulawayo24

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