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Zim lady gets married and in less than 8 months elopes to lover: Pics



Zim lady gets married and in less than 8 months elopes to lover: Pics. Wonders shall never cease to end and as the statement gets more and more real that Nobody can stop reggae it’s very sad that many people are proving it to be true. The things we are experiencing and watching as they unfold are truly shocking and embarrassing. The world end is near for sure.

People are cheating like its a normal thing to do. Crazy and unbelievable things are taking place and it seems people are now actually getting used to it.Tariro and Paul Roora day

So the story we have today is of a lady who was identified as Tariro who got married and had a Lobola ceremony took place last year on the 17th of October to her then-boyfriend Paul. Check the picture below of the ceremony.

Paul and Tariro

Meet Tariro The first Zimbabwean lady akabvisirwa Roora on 17 October 2020 , Akabva atizira kune mumwe muface this Year Pa Easter..All in in less than 8 months.

Tariro and new lover

8 months down the line a new lover has emerged and it is said Tariro left Paul for her new lover whom we couldn’t get his name. But it is Said Tariro eloped to her new base and left Paul dry alone. More details to follow.



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