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AFM drama continues as church demands car from break-away pastor Makarichi



AFM Zimbabwe

AFM drama continues as church demands car from break-away pastor Makarichi. According to an application for vindicatory relief, Makarichi has been illegally possessing an Isuzu KB300 double cab since the initial split sometime in 2018.

Pastor Panganayi Makarichi aligned to the breakaway AFM faction led by Cossam Chiangwa has been dragged to court for refusing to return the church’s motor vehicle.

The documents also claim Makarichi has already vacated the church’s mission house in the capital following a recent Supreme Court ruling that stripped rights to assets to all aligned to reverend Cossam Chiangwa’s faction.

“This is an application to this Honourable Court for a vindicatory relief compelling Makarichi to surrender to AFM in Zimbabwe its motor vehicle an Isuzu KB300 double cab truck registration number AEC 4083 following the termination of his employment with the church sometime in December 2018. “Makarichi is in possession of the above-mentioned vehicle since the split of the church in 2018 up to date.

“He was enjoying the use of the said motor vehicle due to the just-ended litigation in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe under case SC 67/21,” reads an affidavit deposed by the church’s secretary-general Briton Tembo.

Tembo went on to claim that Makarichi had no standing to continue withholding the motor vehicle. “Furthermore, Makarichi has no basis to continue holding on to the motor vehicle which belongs to AFM in Zimbabwe.

“Makarichi has already vacated the church mission house meaning he is aware that he should hand over all the possessions of AFM back,” he said. He said the church is incurring unnecessary litigation charges due to Makarichi’s continued possession of the said vehicle.

“Due to Makarichi’s illegal possession of the motor vehicle, AFM has been unnecessarily forced to incur litigation expenses. “Thus AFM prays that Makarichi be ordered to pay costs on a scale of legal practitioner-client scale,” reads the papers. Makarichi is yet to respond to the application.

Source – H-Metro

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