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MSU strikes again: New s.e.xtape goes viral


MSU strikes again: New s.e.xtape goes viral. Midlands State University has once again delivered what it is best known for. The University is very much known for scandals especially the s.e.xual ones.

A few weeks ago two students believed to be from the University leaked pictures of themselves having a good time in a way which many parents would not want their kids to do. But thats MSU for you, there will be no MSU without a little bit of scandals here and there.

Today social media went abuzz as the Varsity’s two students were heard indulging in yet another adult game. This time around nothing was seen but the sound was heard. The two students seemed to be enjoying themselves judging from the noise that was coming out of the room they were in.

From the video below you can tell that they were hitting high notes all the way. The video has since gone viral on social media and people are happy that the Varsity has produced its activities that it is popularly known for.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – 4 years later Ndobva tadii paye viral boy speaks out: Video

4 years later Ndobva tadii paye viral boy speaks out: Video. The saying that says bad things happen for a good reason might be true after all. If you hear and watch the video below it will make sense for you. Indeed sometimes bad things happen for the better.Romeo Nyasha aka Ndobva tadii paye

This is being seen and is manifesting in the life of of this boy who once went viral 4 years ago but for the wrong reason. The boy whose real name is Romeo Nyasha Chirara better known by…Learn More.

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