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Drama as cheating students sue college

Drama as cheating students sue college. The 10 include Linda Jembere, Virginia Mukamba, Lorraine Marembo, Lizzy Madziwa, Philda Chimbote, Abigail Nyamadzawo, Sheila Tigere, Kudakwashe Wamuka, Marilyn Marimira and Danai Rukwambaire.

Ten Belvedere Technical Teachers’ College students, who had their results withheld after allegedly cheating in an exam, have dragged the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education to court for the unconditional release of their results.

According to an application for review filed at the High Court, the students who are studying towards their National Diploma allegedly cheated during an Internet and Web Developments (practical) 553/15/S10B.

The students claim no one was caught cheating during the exam. “The basis of such refusal emanates from an allegation that the Applicants cheated when they wrote the subject named Internet and Web Development despite the fact that the rooms had invigilators and no one was ever caught cheating either prior or during the exam.

“To my surprise, I have been disqualified for cheating yet during the examination, we had a number of invigilators, I and some other applicants never used the same examination venue and no news was ever heard of that the exam paper in issue had even leaked,” reads the application.

In an affidavit deposed by Linda Jembere, the learners claim their disqualification was unreasonable and unfair.

“This is a court application for review in terms of Order 33 rule 256 of the High Court Rules, 1971 for an order reviewing and setting aside the ZIMCHE to withhold and refuse to issue my examination results and that of the other applicants due to cheating allegations.

“I and the other applicants wrote our National Diploma 3 examinations sometime in November 2019 at Belvedere Technical Teachers College. In this examination sitting, I was assigned by ZIMCHE candidate number 1117040G00047.

“During the second week of January 2020, I became aware that the November 2019 results were out and I preceded to Belvedere Technical Teachers College for collection of my results.

“To my surprise, I was never issued the results except to be verbally advised by the Principal that I was disqualified due to an allegation that I had cheated in the subject examination referred to as Internet Web Development,” reads the papers.

Jembere then wrote a letter of complaint to HEXCO’s deputy director of national examinations complaining about the disqualification. She was advised to write another letter communicating that she wanted to re-sit for the same exam. “On the 20th of March 2020, I was called for an interview with the experts from HEXCO.

“During the interview they asked very basic questions such as what my candidate number was, whether I had paid a remarking fee, whether we had invigilators and if so, how many were they…

“From March 2020 to 10th of June 2021, I have been waiting for my results from HEXCO considering they had advised us that a remarking was being conducted until me and the other applicants decided to visit the Belvedere Technical Teachers College’s HEXCO demanding the results for the remark and we were advised that the decision to disqualify us still stands,” she wrote.

She claimed the council failed to comply with provisions of the Administrative Justice Act. “No notice was ever provided to me or the other applicants prior to ZIMCHE’s decision to disqualify us.

“At no moment were we given an opportunity to make representations in answering the allegations levied against us in any way. “I and the other applicants were never given any notice of our right of review or appeal,” she said. ZIMCHE are yet to respond.

Source – H-Metro

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