Half-time: Sweden 1-0 Poland

Poland improved as the half progressed, but they’ll need to improve plenty more if they’re to get out of this. As it stands: Sweden will win this group, Spain will come second, and Ukraine will take a third-place spot. Slovakia and Poland are going out.

Krychowiak moves the ball wide to Jozwiak, whose cross is so miserable it could be a member of the Labour party. Better again from Poland and better again from Zielinski, playing a wall-pass off Lewandowski, shifting the return, and clattering a left-footer just over the bar.

Poland are in charge now, Zielinski coming into the game. He’s not done anything yet, but him simply being on the ball is a major improvement. Jozwiak has a bit of space so opts to sling over a cross, but it’s not deep enough inside the box and again Sweden clear. Then, when the ball comes back, Olsen comes and claims well.

Poland knock it about in midfield before Swiderski switches play with a long, raking pass over the Pucharz down the left. It’s beautiful, in his mind. Back in reality, the ball sails into touch.

Forsberg, who’s picking his passes really nicely, finds Quaison, whose liveliness is making a big difference, and the latter’s cross is deflected behind. Poland get the corner away but can’t fashion a counter, Lewandowski running out of pitch down the right.

Bereszynski humps a ball to the back stick where Lewandowski is up, winning a corner off Lustig who’s up with him. But Zielinski’s delivery is off and Sweden clear easily enough.

Poland had an alright few minutes but now Sweden have a free-kick down the right, just outside the box…

Second half awaits

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